45-Year Reunion

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Aug 8, 2020 (Sat)
Picnic "in the Valley"



Down in the Valley
Somebody's favorite spot
Cleveland Metro Park

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As of today, Thursday, March 24, 2016, we are planning on having a 45-Year Reunion sometime probably in August of 2020. This time around the celebration will be somewhat smaller than the one we held in 2015. Some have suggested that we have a picnic in the "valley." We would reserve a pavillion, have games, food, volleyball, etc.Send an email to lhsclassof75@gmail.com to share your ideas for dates, times, places, and activities. We might have a catered lunch.
We would love to hear what items you would like to see on the menu.

That's all we got so far.
All information listed regarding this event is TENTATIVE, including location, food, time, place, etc.